HNT Transaction Export Tool (Beta)

Welcome! This tool will help you export the following transactions from your Helium wallet:

  • Mining income
  • Payments sent
  • Payments received
  • Fee-only transctions (i.e. assert location)
  • HNT to DC token burns

You'll be able to export your data in two formats: raw data and CoinTracking Import, which is suitable for importing directly into for tax reporting purposes.

You'll get one transaction per row, with mining summarized either by epoch (which is the highest level of granularity) or by day. Cost basis data and total USD amount from the Helium price oracle is included for each row.

The goal is to provide a complete HNT export tool which accounts for all of the intricacies of the Helium blockchain like DC burn, sending payment in a hotspot transfer transaction, and more.

Wallet address must be 51 characters

  • 2021/04/04
    • Fixed a critical bug where AM/PM was not correctly exported, resulting in all transactions being marked as being before 1PM each day (AM/PM was truncated). The exports now properly report 24 hour time. It's recommended that all users of this tool do a re-export to correct the transction dates. Note that this does not affect the completeness of the export, just the transaction times (which can cause incorrect cost basis).
  • 2021/03/10
    • Added the ability to specify exchange (aka wallet name) for CoinTracking. This is useful when you have multiple wallets and need to differentiate them.
    • Fixed CoinTracking fees not properly being included in withdrawal amount for payments. This could lead to small inconsistencies where your withdrawal amount slightly mismatched your deposit (i.e. to an exchange).
    • Improved CoinTracking comments to show payer/payee address and have the transaction type at the front for glanceability.
  • 2021/03/06
    • Fixed an issue where oracle prices for mining rewards were incorrect if the amount awarded in the epoch was less than 1 HNT.
  • 2021/03/04
    • Fixed an issue with fee-only transactions in the CoinTracking Import CSV format which caused CoinTracking to not properly reflect the fees. If you did a CoinTracking export before this change, you should do another one and replace the data.
  • 2021/03/03
    • Tool launched in beta. Please report any bugs in the #tax-export-tool channel of the FairSpot Discord.