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Who we are

We are supporters of the Helium network who are passionate about investing in its long-term growth and success.

What we do

We provide no-cost hardware to new network participants to build coverage in their homes and businesses. We create a supportive community environment and open source tools to empower the average user.

Why we do it

We strive to lower the barriers to network participation for everyday people who are interested in building out decentralized wireless connectivity in their local areas.

Our network coverage

Helium IoT coverage created by hosts deploying FairSpot hardware

FairSpot Exclusive

Host-to-Own Guarantee

We've given thousands of hosts ownership of their devices as a reward for exceptional uptime and performance.

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The Hotspot is the ultimate resource for deep dives into Helium's technology, economics and more, featuring exclusive interviews with Helium Inc. team members and influential community members. Hosted by Arman, the founder of FairSpot.

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